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01 QR Code

Encrypted QR ID used to represent the User ID to flash on KelantanPay Visitor Registration System, KelantanPay Event Registration System, KelantanPay Punch Card Log System, and many more. Make sure you keep your QR ID secret from other...

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Service Categories 02

Just navigate to our avaiable services from anywhere and anytime. Now, almost everything can be done in remote. Not only to pay bills, your dealing with local councils are npw at your fingertips.

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03 Payment Channel

With KelantanPay, we can pay with various payment channel start from direct online banking payment (FPX), Credit and Debit Card, as well as from major E-Wallet provider in Malaysia... why bother to topup when we can spent as we want to.

Why you need to join us?

We are here at KelantanPay to provide a service that will make it easier for our customers to make payments in full swing. All this services is at your fingertips.


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